10 Profitable YouTube Channel Idea | Without Face Reveal

Hello friends, Today we are going to discuss on Top 10 YouTube Channel Idea. Many of you guys want to start YouTube channel today or in future so here is some tips to you guys. Friends i suggest YouTube channel idea that you can create videos without showing or reveal your face.

Friends you don’t need experience gadgets or DSLR CAMERA or high end mics. Simple or dissent smartphone using you can create high quality videos. Guys you just need little motivation to get a step ahead. Here some ideas that my be cover your expertise or skill covers below topics. Guys so let’s start with that awesome ideas.

Earning App Review

Earning App Review is new and low competition YouTube channel. Guys there is lots of scope in this type of YouTube channel you can share earing apps with others. In this type of channel you no need to create high-end gadgets. With only screen recorder you can create videos and shre on YouTube.

Friends you can earn from both of side, from YouTube by monetising channel and your referral link that you share with others. Guys this idea is you be much try once in you life.

Government Jobs

Government jobs YouTube channel idea is best Idea that cover by only some peoples so you have chance to get views. Guys in this channel you will get lots of views because of in india many people search for various job vacancies, exam dates, results etc. Friends there you don’t need SEO or paid promotional. Even with a sharing your videos link in various groups you can get view.

One advantage of this type of YouTube channel is you can create your website related to government job and give website link in below discription. With this small work you will get traffic on you website and with Google Ads you can earn extra income also.

Gaming Channel

Gaming Channels is ever green and always trending on YouTube. People on YouTube is spent lots of time on gaming channel to view game Play. Friends if you have decent or High end PC you can do many more things with gaming channel. I think there is 3 types of gaming nich that i describe below.

  • Game Play

Game Play in this niche guys you can show your gaming skill with people. If you are pro game player or have extra game skill, expertise you can records your game play videos and share on YouTube channel. People like to view this type of video for entertainment and learn

  • Live streaming

Friends if you have decent or high-end of PC that can handle live game streaming on YouTube channel then you will use this for create YouTube channel. With live streaming you can get lots of views on streaming and you can get donation like super chat, Google pay, Paytm etc.

  • Games review & tricks

In this niche guys you should show new launched games play or up coming games. Also guys if you know more in detail about game then you can share games tricks, Easter eggs etc.

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Product Review

Product review YouTube channel is trending topic in current scenario. People like to watch various product unboxing and use. Guys you don’t need to expenses much to purchase products. You can get review products from E-commerce websites, companies.

Guys you can also earn from affiliated link you just need to share your affiliate links that you review in video. Share all products link in your description and ask people to visit products once.


Vlogging is currently trending channels on YouTube that’s people working on it. But also there you can gain easily viewer on your videos. Now a day people haven’t a time to travel or experience out of them daily routine. People are more interest to view others life daily routines or thing that’s happen.

Friends if you live in village or hill station type of area you can easily make a video using your smartphone a video. Covere your places like forest, tracking, hill station, villagers daily routine and many more as like you share.

Social media Tips & Tricks

Friends if you have a expertise in social media that how to gain followers, likes, page views, upload photos etc. You can share with others. With this type of YouTube channel you can share various type of tips and trick with people. In this time people search on this topic for get reach on social media so have chance to get lots of views on your channel.

News Channel

News channel is much easier topic to create YouTube channel. You need to just find current news affair that people want to view or search. Guys you can cover your local news report also and share with your groups so people can engage with it easily.

Friends you can share news clips and photos with your voice over on video that you can make on your smartphone. Here you don’t need to show your face with viewers.

Cooking Channel

Friends this YouTube idea is ever green topic. You will get views on your videos for life time. On this type of YouTube channel you will don’t get subscribers but you will get lots of views on video. Because of people just search on YouTube for recipes and view showing results videos.

Guys here you don’t need a filming set up for record your video just you can go with your kitchen set up. Also you don’t need to show your face show you recipes ingredients and stuffs.

How To? Channel

How to? YouTube channel is more unique contain channel. Here you can cover lots of think like people search on start with how to. Like people search on how to print Aadhaar card, online applications, online filling forms etc.

Guys you just need to record your mobile or computer screen and voice over. Here also you don’t need to reveal your face rather than in future if you like to show face.

Health & fitness tips

Friends this is also a Trending topic and most search keyword on YouTube and internet. You can cover home remedies, easily to do and etc. things that people like to watch. You can share various tips and tricks related to health. Even you can create and share your website in discription to get views.

Friends, this is top 10 profitable YouTube idea that i think is the best for you. In every topic i covered above there you don’t need to reveal you face, showing face is not compulsory. Guys you just need small motivation to start with YouTube and keep posting your videos. Friends i hope you like this post and get idea to your start-up. Thank You for reading post.

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