MPL Rogue Heist Indian Made | Alternative Of PUBG

Hello friends, Today I’m come with new best alternative of PUBG Mobile MPL Rogue Heist. New Indian made shooting game that’s getting more popularity in gamers. Currently game in development mode and early access.

PUBG create so much competitive in mobile gaming and pc gaming market. YouTubers stream PUBG mobile live and create much hype in viewers and competition with other mobile games. Most people of gamers in based from India. Young generation is get addiction to play multiplayer competitive games or battlefield royal games.

Now in days PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite is ban in India and other gaming studios trying to enter in Indian market. Situation meant that India gaming studios also trying hard to launch Indian competitive game.

MPL Rogue Heist INDIA based shooter game available for Early Access on Google Play Store

MPL Rogue Heist is group or team based arena game where two teams fight with each others to kill them or clearing objectives to collect points. There is a various game arena and game types to fight.

MPL Rogue Heist is getting some what popularity and get successful in gamers to streaming in mobile as well as PC. Now people hope that game get more hits and cover up to PUBG and again people enjoy famous youtubers streams. It will again support Indian gaming industries as foundation and deliver quality.

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Game is in early access and available in Google Play Store so its in developing mode so come up with more features, stability and graphics as its work in actual. This game have same features as PUBG have like character modification, skins and more.

MPL Rogue Heist have some different types of matches in game arena as like i discuss in detail below.

MPL Rogue Heist Mode

Heist mode have challenging type mode where two teams fight for some hitting objectives is going in series. Team work is needed in this mode to win match if anyone die alone there is a very less guarantee to win match. Player need to complete objectives in series so can on first place.


This type of match is free for all game to obtain all objects where players play as them self only. Here is no team each player play for collect more money in there account. Player win easily by adding more money to account.

The only objective is to collect money as many as player can and there is risk reward come. How much player play aggressive they receive more money and win match.

Gang War

Gang war is the time limit arena where player or team to play against others to complete objectives or kill in some time period. This is the death match where players need to show there shooting skills and action to select arena.

Friends i hope you like this post. MPL Rogue Heist i think this game is not completely replace PUBG but there is more chances to people like it more. Game is multiplayer game so if youtubers play this game in streaming then I’m sure game will get boost in india. Guys i publish post like this more i hope you enjoy it. Thank You.

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