Diwali Wishing Pro Script For Blogger | WhatsApp Viral

Hello friends today I’m giving you a Diwali Wishing Pro Script for blogger. Using this viral script you can earn decent or lots of money that’s depends on you, how you work hard. Guys this pro Script is totally free and i tell you how you should install this script in you blogger, place Ads and share with others.

Today guys many people creating this type of viral script. If you search on internet you will find lots of websites that gives you free script. Script get viral because of now time people haven’t that much time to type a long Diwali wishing messages. People find shortcuts so this type of script get viral easily.

Diwali Wishing Pro Script 2020

Guys if you have Google Ads approval account then that’s easy for you. But if you don’t have approval you can try Admob, Affiliate links or third party ads. There is lots of options available on internet just search on Google or YouTube. I will post related to this in short time guys so stay tuned with us. Guys without wasting time let’s start how to install this script and get viral.

Requirements for WhatsApp Viral Script

  1. Blogger account (If you haven’t, sign up on blogger)
  2. Note pad++ (Download from net if you haven’t)
  3. Google Ads approval

That’s it guys you don’t require lot’s of thing for this. As i told early if you don’t have Google Ads approval you can try Affiliate links, Third party Advertisers or Admob etc.

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How To Install Diwali WhatsApp Viral Script

  1. Create a blog on blogger.com, name a blogger to related to Diwali festival or Diwali Wishing.
  2. Download Diwali script from above link.
  3. Now click on blogger theme and change to mobile setting.
  4. Now click on switch to first generation classic theme. Beside you will see edit theme in html click on that.
  5. Open download Diwali viral script in note pad++ and edit. Copy paste your Ads code in script.
  6. Copy all script and paste it to blogger in HTML and save. Open blog in mobile you will see your wishing script. Now share as you can.

Guys you need to share your diwali festival wishing script link with your family members, friends and other groups so people can reach to your Wishing script to more and more. Friends find and join more groups on whatsapp even you can search on Google about WhatsApp group and join. There is lots of whatsapp groups links available on internet so join as many groups you can join.

Friends you can share your link to Facebook and Instagram also. Facebook groups also many times help to reach traffic to your script. Search on Facebook groups and join as many as you can.

Wishing scripts are not for long time period its focus on short time and target perticular festival. Friends you need to create your script befor 10-15 days so you can find your difficulty and solve it. And share with more people.

I hope friends you like this post. I write this post to you for earn some money by doing little task. Guys i write post like this for you Entertainment and earning so read other post also. Thank You.

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