Hello Everyone, Today is interesting topic Apple Search Engine An apple a day keeps the doctor away but this Apple trying away the Google. Joke a part guys as rumors are going Apple trying to introduce his own search engine. Apple SEO rules are decided. Apple gets 12 million dollars from Google for when Apple users search on safari, then users get search results from Google not any other. This deal is going great for Apple because they don’t need to create own search engine and get high money from Google as per deal.

Now in the day Apple trying to beat Google for search engine. We get a hint, if you use IOS 14 iPhone and search on the internet then users get results not from Google but Apple’s own results. Apple created a search crawler called Applebot on 5 May 2015.

  • When Apple Search Engine launch?
  • What is Rankin factors?
  • How Apple Search Engine different from Google Search Engine?

We talk below about and we clear all your doubts in below so let’s start.

When Apple Search Engine Launch?

Friends I’m not spreading any rumors I’m going to clear everything on Apple published documentation. Apple already created his own search crawler Applebot and make big changes on 10 July 2020. I give official Apple bot link below, check for authenticity.

As per Applebot user agents details bot crawl for desktop as a Mac OS and for Mobile crawl as a iOS. That’s mean if you want to get high SEO then you should be use Apple desktop and iPhone. Users should check their website on Mac and iOS for working properly or not. Right now launch date is not clear, we will be updated in future if date is declared.

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What Is Apple Search Engine robot.txt Rules?

Applebot follow all standard rules for robot.txt. that’s mean if you make robot.txt rules for Google or other search engines it will be followed by Applebot. Current Applebot follow as same as googlebot rorbot.txt file rules.

Rendering and robot rules are also same as google follow if any asset or folder block for Applebot then page will be not render correctly and user get indexing problem. Apple suggest if user block some folder to Applebot then at least page page should be clearly visible.

Applebot currently support this directives noindex, nosnippet, nofollow, none and all.

  • noindex – Applebot won’t index following page.
  • nosnippet – Applebot won’t show snippet in search engine.
  • nofollow – Search Engine won’t follow any link on given page.
  • none – noindex, nosnippet, nofollow this 3 rule will be apply.
  • all – if user use this any won’t apply any above rules.

What Is Apple Ranking Factor?

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As shown above image

  1. Apple will give preference to Click Through Rate CTR as a ranking factor. Google not give importance to CTR as per now.
  2. Relevant keyword and page written text also meager factor.
  3. Apple also give preference to number of backlinks and quality backlinks.
  4. Forth is interesting, Apple give preference to searching user location. Now in time Mobile user are high so it will be meager impact on SEO.
  5. Last but not least, Apple give preference to Web page design that’s mean it will be consider page design, elements, style etc. also are ranking factor.

Friends as per now I have that much limited information about Apple Search Engine. Apple haven’t declare any date, month or year for launch of Search Engine but I have much excitement about it. Guys I think if Apple launch it then it will be much impact on website creators or publishers. Apple will come up with meager changes on search engines. I hope everyone you like this post. I post everyday that may help you to know current trending updates on internet so follow us. Thank You.

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